Which diapers are the best for your baby skin?

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COTTONThe most common fabric in infant clothes, cotton is soft and absorbent and gentle on a baby’s skin. It is available in an organic version and will shrink up to 10% upon the first wash and dry cycle if you use heat.

  • Cotton is a natural, 100% organic fabric.
  • Cotton clothes are soft and do not rub harshly against baby’s soft skin.
  • Cotton fabrics permit better aeration and will keep your baby cool. The nature of cotton permits it to absorb and remove body’s moisture easily.
  • Since it is a natural fabric, cotton is non allergenic. Therefore, you do not have to worry about baby breaking out in rashes or eczema.
  • Cotton is perfect for babies who suffer from asthma because unlike other materials, it does not release small particulate matter that can trigger an attack.
  • Cotton is durable and easy to use.
  • You can wash and dry cotton fabrics easily. They can be tumble dried or hung up to dry.
  • It is easier to clean cotton fabrics than other kinds of fabrics. They release dirt and grime easily, so there is no need to use harsh soaps and chemicals to get rid of stains and dirt on cotton fabrics. A mild baby detergent and some warm water will be sufficient for washing cotton clothes.
  • Synthetic products are often treated with plenty of chemicals to give them a good finish. These chemicals can cause rashes on our newborn baby’s skin. Cotton on the other hand is not subjected to such finishing treatments. This makes it perfect for your newborn’s use.
  • In addition to the benefits it offers your baby, cotton is great for the environment too. It is 100% natural and therefore biodegradable too.

By now you must be convinced of the benefits cotton has to offer. So, use cotton receiving blankets, sheets and cotton clothes for your tiny new born baby. Your baby will be comfortable and happy, so will you.